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We have recently decided to branch out into working with BMW motorcycles. Several of our mechanics are keen bikers themselves and are happy to apply themselves to BMW’s range of both off-road, touring and sports motorcycles. We are committed to providing the same quality of service that, over the years, we have built up a reputation for providing to BMW car owners.


BMW Motorcycles generally require servicing every 6,000 miles or 12 months - such that all essential service fluids are regularly replaced. Beyond this, newer motorcycles are subject to Condition Based Service (CBS) regimes that optimise maintenance regimes to individual driving styles.


If your motorcycle develops a fault and requires repair work to be undertaken our team of experienced mechanics will be happy to assist. Using our dedicated diagnostic tools in conjunction with BMW-approved parts and procedures ensures a prompt, reliable service.


A number of enhanced capabilities can be retrofitted to modern motorcycles - ranging from bigger brakes to a variety of miniaturised entertainment, navigation and communication systems. We are pleased to advise customers wishing to explore upgrade options.


If you are purchasing your 'Ultimate Riding Machine' second-hand and would like a trained eye to look over any bike that you are interested in before purchasing it we can arrange a pre-purchase inspection for you - providing added reassurance if you do go ahead with a purchase.